Moisturizing Hair Revitalizing Detangling Spray Leave-in

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Brand: Asherlee Naturals

This light leave in spray revives dry, matted & dull hair. It is blended with humectants & conditioning hair oils that boosts moisture & hydration. Also excellent as a detangler.

love, herbal infused water (calendula flower & marshmallow root), aloe vera, avocado oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, provitamin b5, glycerin, oat protein, conditioning emulsifier, castor oil, cetac 30, lavender essential oil, optiphen & fragrance


Spray on your twists or natural curls/afros daily in order to keep hair moisturized & soft.

For detangling, spray on desired section then use your fingers or a comb to release tangles.

Shake well.

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