Cinnamon & Ginger Hydration Conditioner

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Brand: Asherlee Naturals

This conditioner is sister to our cinnamon & ginger shampoo bringing the same wonderful benefits of those two ingredients for your scalp health. formulated to strengthen and invigorate your hair for that healthy, shiny & stronger finish. This conditioner also has anti-frizz properties & helps to prevent damage cause by photo-aging and other factors.

love, herbal water (ginger & lavender), aloe vera, macadamia nut oil, flaxseed oil, safflower oil, btms, honey quat, cetyl alcohol (coconut oil derivative), rhodiola rosea root extract, cetac, provitamin b5, cinnamon essential oil, optiphen.

After shampooing with the cinnamon & ginger shampoo, apply this conditioner to your hair ensuring to distribute evenly throughout. Leave in your hair for up to 10mins before washing out: can also paired with our deep ultra moisturizing deep conditioner as loaded deep treatment.

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